Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available for the ICC 2019 Committee Action Hearings for Group B codes in Albuquerque, NM.  The rules below outline who is eligible and what is covered by the scholarships.  You can download the full scholarship guidelines, as well.

  1. Applications for Region III Scholarships shall be submitted on the UGPRIII Scholarship Application.
  2. Scholarships will only be awarded to members of Region III that are validated ICC voting members for the current code cycle.
  3. This program is intended only for code enforcement professionals whose primary duties include the enforcement of regulatory codes. This includes career code officials and their respective staff members such as plans examiners, inspectors and permit technicians.
  4. The scholarship is intended to reimburse for reasonable expenses associated only with participating at the code change hearings. While Region III encourages attendance and participation in the Annual Business Meeting, expenses for the ABM are not reimbursable. The following items will be considered for reimbursement;
    1. Reasonable airfare, train, or mileage. This does not include first class or premium level seating. To be considered for airfare reimbursement, your jurisdiction must be a minimum of 200 miles from the code change hearing location.
    2. Reimbursement for meals, including gratuities, will be at the rate established by the Federal Governmental GSA Rates for daily expenses to include meals. To qualify for these expenses, the applicant must attend 6 documented hours of code change hearings that day. (Sign-in sheets will be available in the hearing rooms)
    3. Ground transportation, which may include shuttle or other reasonable means of transportation to and from the airport, will be reimbursed. If the scholarship recipient drives their privately owned vehicle (POV), reimbursement will be based on the mileage from home to the code change hearing location based on MapQuest established distance at the current GSA rate. If a government/employer owned vehicle is driven, gasoline expenses will be reimbursed. Mileage will not be reimbursed for interim days.
    4. Hotel rooms will be reimbursed not to exceed the ICC conference rate of designated hotels or actual price whichever is the lower price. The scholarship recipient must attend 6 documented hours of code change hearings to be reimbursed for the day’s lodging.
    5. Parking at airports shall be based on economy levels. Parking for personal vehicles at hotels shall be covered.
    6. Each scholarship recipient will be required to attend a minimum of 6 hours per day of code development hearings in order to be reimbursed for their expenses. To be reimbursed on days with fewer than 6 hours of hearings, the recipient must attend the entire hearing scheduled for the day. Each scholarship recipient will be required to sign the attendance sheet for Region III throughout the days they are attending.
    7. Other reimbursable expenses are $2 per bag for luggage handling, checked luggage fees charged by the airline with receipt, tolls, gratuities not more than 20%, transportation to and from airport, and internet access from hotel rooms. Phone charges will not be reimbursable.