Brent Snyder Education Award

The Brent Snyder Education Award award, given by Region III, is in honor of one of the best code instructors of our time.  When approached by Region III before his death on our plans to honor his legacy Brent said, “Just make sure you give it to someone who is dedicated to training and teaching code officials.”  We plan to do just that.

Submit a candidate for consideration using the Brent Snyder Award Nomination Form.  Remember, as Brent Snyder was fond of saying, “Life is good!”


  1. Exhibits a dedication to code training for others.
  2. Has made contributions to fostering training.
  3. Relates real-life experiences to code training experience.
  4. Is dedicated to fostering uniform code enforcement.
  5. Devotion to friends and family.
  6. Exhibits a healthy perspective on life.
  7. Exhibits a sense of humor.

The Brent Snyder Award will be given annually, with the award presentation being made at the Region III Educational Institute held each February in Chaska, Minnesota.

Past Recipients:
2008 – Roger Axel
2009 – Steve VanNote
2010 – Rick Breeze
2011 – Sam Ricotta
2012 – Doug Thornburg
2012 – Ron Bell
2013 – Steve Thomas
2014 – Not Awarded
2015 – Ron Strand
2016 – Not Awarded
2017 – Jim Williamette
2018 –